What We Do

We are a national mergers & acquisitions practice solely dedicated to the home care industry. More than 95% of our buy and sell clients we bring to market achieve their desired outcome.

For our Confidential Sale clients, the process begins with a Strategic Succession Plan designed to optimize the eventual outcome. It assesses deal value and marketability while identifying value enhancing opportunities in preparation for the next owner.

For our Acquisition Search clients, the process begins with an “Ideal Acquisition Profile” of Acquisition Targets, most of which are not on the market. Our deal sourcing focuses on outreach to these and other firms, engaging owners privately in exit planning and deal discussions.

In all we do, we are guided by full transparency, high efficiency, and complete confidentiality towards the end goal of delivering full value deals for top performing home care owners. The way we see it, it’s a well-deserved reward for their noble cause and contribution to the greater good.

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