Confidential Sale: The exit payday event is often between a quarter and a third of a home care owner’s total return on investment. With so much at stake, we are truly honored and humbled when a client places confidence and trust in us to deliver. We treat the endeavor with the utmost attention to professionalism, confidentiality and results. More than 95% of the home care owners we bring to market achieve their desired outcome.

Guided by a Strategic Succession Plan that includes a thoroughly developed valuation and confidential marketing strategy, we initiate full value deals by attracting multiple qualified and motivated buyers. We court each through their financial and operational analysis eventually moving forward with one under a legally binding exclusivity period during which deeper due diligence is performed. We develop and implement the Deal Execution Schedule and host weekly conference calls with Buyer and Seller through closing.

Knowing the extent to which families depend on the services provided, we strive to create a transparent, expeditious and collaborative transaction process such that ownership control is transferred efficiently and effectively with minimal disruption.